Choosing The Right Stairlift For You

Are you considering a stairlift? Not sure which stairlift is suitable for your stairs or your needs? With many stairlifts available it can be hard to select which one is right for you. Our professional and friendly team at Aries Stairlifts can help you choose which one is best suited for you.

Choose a stairlift to suit your staircase

Stairlifts are able to be fitted to almost all types of stairs, although the style of your staircase will dictate your stairlift choice. The common types of stairs and the stairlift options available are listed below.

Traditional straight stairlifts

If your stairs are a single flight straight staircase, one of our straight stairlifts such as the Handicare 950 Stairlift or the Brooks Straight Stairlift can be fitted. The straight stairlift is one of the most cost effective stairlifts with installation time usually taking only a few hours.

Curved stairlifts or a mid landing

If your stairs have a curve then you will require a curved stairlift. Our Brooks 180 Stairlift, is the slimmest curved stairlift available in the UK. Meticulously crafted for your staircase the Brooks 180 is designed to overcome curves and bends of up to 180° and fits almost any curved indoor staircase and comes with an easy to use swivel seat.

Outdoor stairlifts

If you have exterior stairs leading to your home we offer the outdoor Straight Brooks Stairlift. Its durable features ensure the stairlift remains reliable and relatively maintenance-free, even in the glory of the damp South Wales weather. Whether your exterior stairs are curved or straight, we can fit an outdoor stairlift for you.

Chair modifications can be recommended and adjustments made to suit individual needs. If you find you have trouble sitting upright a perch chair could be a great benefit to you or a powered seat option should you have trouble rising after sitting?

Our expert friendly team are here 7 days a week to provide advice and support on your stairlift needs. We fit and repair stairlifts in Swansea and the surrounding areas. If you have decided a stairlift is for you or if you would like more information, simply get in touch with us. Call us today on 01792 844 765 to see how we can help you.

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